AYODHYA is one of the ancient and holy city of INDIA. It is believed to be the birth place of LORD RAM and setting of the EPIC RAMAYANA. It is also one of the seven most scared places in INDIA. The city is located at the banks of the river SARYU. AYODHYA Was called SAKET in ancient times and the old CAPITAL OF AWADH IN UTTAR PARDESH. So let’s began your trip of this holy city with some these famous attracions….

RAM JANAMBHOOMI:-This is one of the famous and major attracion in AYODHYA. It is well known as the birth place of LORD RAM the 7th avatar of LORD VISHNU. The main issues revolve around access to this site traditionally regarded as the birthplace of the LORD RAM and whether a previous HINDU TEMPLE was demolished to creat the mosque. The mosque however was demolished in 1992 and the area has since been a ground of dispute among Hindus and Muslims in INDIA.

MOTI MAHAL:-MOTI MAHAL is also known as PEARL PALACE. It was residence of SHUJA-UD-DAULAH’S wife BAHU BEGAM,who married the NAWAB in 1743.The architectur of this palace is an example of MUGAL architecture. Many of the buildings brought up during MUGAL era at FAIZABAD are attributed to BAHU BEGUM. So must visit this beautiful place.

HANUMANGARHI:-HANUMANGARHI is a temple of lord HANUMAN and one of the most famous temple of lord HANUMAN in NORTH INDIA. There are so many people come here across the INDIA for visit this temple. It is situated in the middle of AYODHYA and it is built by NAWAB OF AWADH. To reach the main temple 76,steep steps need to be climbed. It is believed that Lord HANUMAN resided at the site in a cave and looked after the RAM JANAMBHOOMI. So must visit this place.

TRETA KA THAKUR:-This Temple is located at the bank of river SARYU. It is an another ancient temple of AYODHYA where RAM is believed to have performed an ASHWAMEDHA YAGYA. The temple is said to house the idols of LORD RAM which was carved in the ancient times out of black sandstones. So go and visit this temple.

KANAK BHAWAN:-This place is also known as SONE KA GHAR. This temple is situated in the middle of AYODHYA and dedicated to lord RAM and his wife SEETA. It is believed that RAM’S step mom RANI KAIKEY built this BHAWAN for gifted to SEETA after her marriage with RAM. The architectur of this BHAWAN is marvelous. So must visit this temple if you are there.

MAUSOLEUM OF BAHU BEGAM:-This place is also known as BAHU BEGAM KA MAQBARA a memorial built for QUEEN of NAWAB SHUJA-UD-DAULAH. It is one of the tallest building in FAIZABAD and a beautiful example of non MUGAL MUSLIM architecture. It is a well maintained place. The tomb is built in WHITE MARBEL. So mist visit this beautiful MOSQUE.

GUPTAR GHAT:-GUPTAR GHAT is considered to be the place where the LORD RAM is said to have drowned himself in a JAL SAMADHI to leave for his holy abode called the VAIKUNTHA. This GHAT is located at SARYU RIVER. It is believe that a dip in the holy river liberate the devotees of their sins and worries.So must visit this GHAT.

Other visiting places are….


So AYODHYA is an important pilgrim place for Hindus in INDIA. This small town attracts pilgrims from all over the country. So plan this holy place as your holiday destination.

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