CHERRAPUNJEE is a town in the EAST KHASI HILLS district in the Indian state of MEGHALAYA. CHERRAPUNJEE is one of the wettest places on the earth and this is the only place in INDIA to receive rain throughout the year. CHERRAPUNJEE is also known as SOHRA or CHURRA means THE LAND OF ORANGES. Many visitors come to visit this sexy place every year. So let’s start your trip this heaven with some these famous points….

DOUBLE DECKER LIVING ROOT BRIDGE:-This unique place is located in TYRNA village.Basically it is a 100 feet long, two-tier living root bridge and far away from all the crowd and city noise. You will  only hear the water gushing, birds chirping, trees rustling and colorful butterflies at this place.. There are natural pools also under the LIVING ROOT BRIDGE and a nice place to go for a dip.There are home stays at the valley near the BRIDGE. SO must visit and stay at this cool and calm place.

KREM MAWMLUH CAVE:-This is a must go place in evergreen city of CHERRAPUNJEE. The main entrance of this cave is located at the bottom of the western flank of LUM LAWBAH. The length of cave passages is over 7km.and you will love to walk down on the dark cave. The unique thing here is the continuous sprinkles of water that drops from the outside.So if you are there, then this place should be on your must visit places.

NOHKALIKAI WATERFALLS:-This is a amazing spot for nature lovers. This waterfalls is always covered with cloud. It is a long climb down stairs to reach close to the base of the falls. The roar of the waterfalls can be heard from quiet some distance. Try to come visit this place during the monsoons to experience the full glory of the falls. So must visit one of the chief attracions in MEGHALAYA.

THANGKHARANG PARK:-This park is situated 12km.from CHERRAPUNJEE. The best thing about the park is that it gives panoramic view of the PLAINS OF BANGLADESH. This park is under the vigilance of state forest department control. The play area here keeps the kids entertained. So must visit this beautiful park.

NOHSNGITHISNG FALLS:-This waterfall is also known as MAWSMAI FALLS. It is located 1km.south of MAWSMAI village in EAST KHASI HILLS. There are multiple streams of waterfalls falling down from a large cliff. It is out of romantic novel place with clouds forming over the fall. You will really feel like you are in heaven. So must go and spend some quality time with your some one special.

 In short , CHERRAPUNJEE is one of the best family holiday destination.So just plan to visit this place and enjoy the monsoons with your family.

Hope you like this little information… Thank you.