WELCOME To THE World famous holiday destination EGYPT…..

EGYPT is a country in North Africa and is home to one of the oldest civilization on earth. Egypt’s exotic, mysterious and historic locations continue to stand, receiving adventurers and explorers. Egypt is also famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s famous monuments. So if you thinking to visit this beautiful place then start your trip with some of these famous sights…..

CAIRO TOWER:CAIRO is the CAPITAL of EGYPT and CAIRO Tower is one of the greatest sights. You can see all of CAIRO from this point. A fabulous architecture which is across the skyline of CAIRO. The views from the top are amazing. You could also see the PYRAMIDS from up there. There is a restaurant on the 60th floor that rotate 360*to see all the views of the city. Best time to visit is sunset. So must try it and sure you will not to be regret.

THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA:-This is one of the world’s oldest history and mystical places. These PYRAMIDS are most likely 30,000 years old and also one of the oldest of SEVEN WONDERS of the ancient world. The Egyptian discovered them a used them as Tombs. So it’s really amazing to see how it was built at that age. There are plenty of opportunities to take a camel ride to see the PYRAMIDS and also don’t miss the sound and light show in the evening. So must visit the most amazing place of Egypt.

KHAN-EL – KHALILI :- This is the oldest eastern shopping centers in the entire middle East and North Africa. If you want to see the real local culture this is the right place for you. It is almost 600years old. It is famous for its handmade Egyptian gifts. This place is surrounded by good local restaurants, store and coffee shops. So must go and enjoy this place.

KARNAK TEMPLE :- KARNAK is very old and beautiful Egyptian temple in LUXOR. It is the second biggest temple in the world. This is the place that tells a lot of the ancient Egyptian history all at one place. The construction of this place was done thousands years ago. The night program of sound and lights show is the main attraction of this complex. So it is one of the must see places if you are down in the area.

AL-AZHAR-MOSQUE :-This is one of the finest with beautiful architecture and biggest mosque in the world. This mosque is a history of knowledge and the oldest educational organization know to humanity. Many people come to visit this mosque from different nationalities. So go and visit this beautiful mosque in Islamic CAIRO in Egypt.

ABU-SIMBEL TEMPLES :-This is the best place on earth with amazing temples, comfortable place, spectacular wide and natural view. It’s long way through the desert but totally worth it. The temples are stunning and majestic and the efforts to move them up is simply mind blowing. So must visit this site.

THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM :- Egyptian museum of antiquities, which was established in 1902 near the city center in CAIRO. This is a great place for history lovers. You can also find the mummies, gold, king tut and many fabulous Egyptian treasure live history here. The architecture and art from the various dynasties of Egypt is unforgettable. So must visit this fantastic place.

LAKE NASSER :-This artificial Lake is a vast reservoir in southern EGYPT and northern SUDAN. The lake was created as a result of the construction of the ASWAN HIGH DAM across the waters of the Nile between 1958 and 1970. IT is a very beautiful and neat or clean place. So if you love tranquility, big starry skies, desert landscape and relaxing on a comfortable small boat The African Safari could be for you. So must enjoy this lake.

Other visiting places are….

Luxor etc…

In short, EGYPT is the valley of kings and you will find the Egyptians proud of their heritage and ready to show you all the EGYPT has to offer.

So if you are looking for a wonderful vacation with your family, this place is waiting for you. So just pack your bags and leave for a memorable trip right away.

Hi guys hope you like EGYPT and my article. Thanks for spending some time on my site. Have a wonderful vacations.

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