KALPA is one of the most beautiful, romantic and amazing hill station in HIMACHAL PRADESH. KALPA is located in the SUTLEJ RIVER VALLEY, above RECONG PEO in the KINNAUR district of HIMACHAL PRADESH. KALPA is a perfect blend of HINDU and BUDDHIST CULTURE. This place is surrounded with snowy mountains with cool climate.KALPA is a attractive destination for wonderful hills and scenery. It also known for its APPLE ORCHARDS. So let’s start your journey of this stunning place with these famous places like….

SANGLA VALLEYSANGLA VALLEY:-SANGLA VALLEY is situated on the bank of river BASPA VALLEY. Actually SANGLA is a city in BASPA So that it is also known as the SANGLA VALLEY. This is the most charming valley in the entire district of KINNAUR. The natural scenery all around the eternalu snow view are picturesque. The area is covered with lush greenery and is surrounded by snowy peaks. The clean sky and fresh mountain air make this place worth visiting. So go and enjoy this heaven.



KINNAUR KAILASHKINNAUR KAILASH:-KINNAUR (KINNER) KAILASH is located in KINNAUR VALLEY. It is a HOLY SHIVLING of GOD SHIVA. It is believed that LORD SHIVA regulated the universe from MOUNT KINNER KAILASH and this is one of the finest adventure in HIMACHAL PRADESH. This HOLY SHIVLING is known all over as the winter Abode of lord  SHIVA. Many people come to visit this place and take blessings. So must come to this HOLY place of GOD.





ROGHI VILLAGEROGHI VILLAGE:-ROGHI village is small village near KALPA. This village is famous for it’s APPLE gardens and it’s old wooden houses. This is a place where you can see and enjoy the ethnicity or traditions of KALPA.So go and enjoy the spectacular views of around this place.





SAPNI FORTSAPNI FORT:-This fort is situated in the village SAPNI OF KINNAUR. This temple is dedicated to NAGES GOD. It was built by built by RAJA PADAM SINGH OF RAMPUR. This fort has seven stories There is a temple of GODDESS KALI on the fifth floor. It has some of the best wood works on window and door frames. The first portion of the fort is adjacent to the tower for RAJA’S QUEEN. The unique architectur of this fort makes it one of the most popular destination in KALPA. So must go and visit this fort.



KOTHIKOTHI:-KOTHI is a village in KALPA. It has a temple which is dedicated to the GODDESS CHANDIKA DEVI. She was the daughter of the demonu DEVATA BANASUR who take the seat over KINNAUR. The temple set against a backdrop of mountains and graves of the deodar. You will witness a gold image of the goddess placed in the inner chamber of the temple. By four persons at the time of worship, it is danced up and down. It is a fine place for people who appreciate art and architectur.



SUICIDE POINTSUICIDE POINT:-SUICIDE POINT is just ten minutes far away from KALPA village through APPLE GARDENS. This place is famous for its vertical slope and dangers ditch. This is one of the most popular tourist destination in KALPA. So must visit this place.








KAMRU FORTKAMRU FORT:-KAMRU FORT is a temple. It is dedicated to  Hindu goddess KAMAKHYA DEVI. It is a beautiful decorated temple with a gorgeous courtyard. The deity of DEVI is housed in the 3rd floor. The fort welcomes its visitors with a huge image of lord BUDDHA on the main gate. So must visit this place.




And other places are which can also be visit like Rackchham, Kilba, Chhitkul, Leo, Lippa and many more.

You can also enjoy the outdoor activities like Trekking, Biking, Cycling, Jeep Safari, Camping, Hiking and river rafting.

In short, KALPA is the best holiday destination for those who want to escape their routine lives to enjoy the mountains air. So plan your holidays to KALPA and enjoy this exotic place in the lap of nature.

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