Welcome To Kangra , India Most Beautiful Place Of Himachal Pardesh .

Kangra is the most beautiful place of Himachal Pardesh . And the best time for visit Kangra is 15 April to 30 June . At that time Kangra weather is good and charming. Best part of Kangra is peacefulness. In Kangra very low traffic so that the greenery of Kangra is good so that the Kangra weather is Good And Peaceful.

Kangra Best Places For Tourist Are :-

Chamunda Devi Temple:- It is 15 km. from Kangra. This temple is situated on the right bank of the ‘Baner’ stream with the Dhauladhar as a backdrop, this has an idol of goddess Chamunda, who, it is said, was given the boon to fulfil the desires of those who worshipped her. On the back of the temple is a cave niche where a stone ‘Lingam’ under a boulder represents Nandi Keshwar ( Shiva ).

Jwalamukhi :- 30 km. from Kangra and 56 km. from Dharamshala. This place is famous for Jwalamukhi, the ‘Flamming Goddess’. It is one of the most popular Hindu temple in Northern India. There is no idol and the flame is considered a manifestation of the Goddess. The eternal flame issues from the rock sanctum and is constantly fed by the priests. Two important fairs are held during the Navratras, in early April and in mid October.

Kangra Fort :- The historic fort of Kangra was built by Bhuma Chand. This fort had been the centre of attraction for the rulers of northern India, since a long time. The first attack on the fort was made by the Raja of Kashmir ‘Shreshtha’ in 470 A.D. In 1846 Kangra fort fell into the hands of the British. Kangra fort is located on the bank of the river Banganga at the height of 350 feet. In the foreyard of the fort are the temple of ‘Laxmi Narayan’ and ‘Adinath’ located in the Kangra fort is dedicated to Jainism. Inside the fort are two ponds one of them is called ‘Kapur Sagar’. At present the fort is under the control of ‘Archaeological Survey of India’. It was badly damaged in 1905 earthquake.

Maharan Pratap Sagar Lake :- It is made of Beas River. In 1960, a dam was built on the Beas river and this dam resulted in a huge Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake (once known as Pong Lake). This huge mass of water varies from 180 sq. km. to 400 sq. km. In 1983, the Sagar was declared a wildlife sanctuary and over 220 species of birds belonging to 54 families have been sighted over the waters and the fringing mud-banks – these include black-headed gulls, plovers, terns, ducks, water-fowl and egrets.

Brajeshwari Devi Temple :- Just outside the town is the temple dedicated to Brajeshwari Devi. Known once for its legendary wealth, this temple was subject to successive depredation by invaders from the North. Mohammed of Ghazni is known to have departed with a king’s ransom in gold, silver and jewels in 1009. Destroyed completely in 1905 by an earthquake, it was rebuilt in 1920.

Other Best Places Are Masroor Rock Temple , Taragarh Palace , Chinmaya Tapovana , Sujanpur Tira , Kathgarh , Nadaun , Trilokpur and many more places to watch.

At the last Kangra is the best and peaceful place for tourist.

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