LADAKH is one of the most beautiful and fascinating tourist destinations of INDIA and bounded by two of the mightiest mountain ranges the GREAT HIMALAYA and KARAKORAM. It is both popular summer as well as winter holidays. This is the best place for adventure like trekking, biking, rafting, mountain climbing and many more. The snow clad mountain peaks,lush greenery and sparkling blue water enhance the beauty of this place. This is the only place where you can relax, rejuvenate and give a treat to your senses. So let’s start the journey of this majestic place with some of these famous points like….

PANGONG LAKE:-This lake is just 150 km.away from LEH CITY. The view of the lake is amazing and you will see lot of beautiful scenes on the way to lake. In winters this lake is completely frozen and in the summers, one can see different shades of blue in the lake when viewed from different points.The lake also offers awesome site for camping. This is one of the largest SALT WATER LAKES in ASIA. So must visit the HEAVEN ON EARTH.

SHANTI STUPA:-This STUPA is about 5km.away from the city of LEH.It is surrounded by snow capped mountains and some of the traditional ladakhi houses. This is the only place where you can see the entire LEH TOWN. This STUPA was built to promote world peace and prosperity. The GOLDEN STATUE OF BUDDHA is the main highlight of this STUPA. You must visit SHANTI STUPA in evening because its magical climate there at that time. So go and feel the calmness and inner peace at this place.

LEH PALACE:–This Place was built around 400 years back.This is a19 storeys building.This palace is situated on the TOP of a hill in TIBETANS style.It was one of the tallest building and the residence of the Royal family at that time From the top of the place you can enjoy the beauty of LEH valley. So must added this place in your trip.

MAGNETIC HILL:-MAGNETIC HILL is lies on the highway connecting SRINAGAR to LEH via KARGIL.Due to magnetic effect the car will move freely without any driver.Because of this power,it is also known as MAGNETIC HILL.It is even very beautiful place with stunning views.So must go and try this magic power at MAGNETIC HILL.

NUBRA VALLEY:-This VALLEY is famous for white sand dunes and double hump camels.This is one of the finest place in LADAKH.There are many other activities like dance,food and music.You can also take pictures in local clothes there.Mountains , Desert,Flowing water and the real nature make this place awesome.One can enjoy peaceful natural beauty of the place here.So don’t skip this beautiful valley.

GURUDWARA PATHAR SAHIB:-This GURUDWARA is located 45 minutes away from LEH.It has its historic importance which is well written on the boards.It is believed that once Guru Nanak ji meditating at this place and a demon who hates Guru Nanak Ji throughs a big stone on Guru Nanak ,but he was in meditation , the stone becomes soft like wax and the head back of Guru is embedded on it,that stone is in GURUDWARA SAHIB.This place is managed by Indian Army.Here you can also enjoy the KANGRA food. So must visit in LEH.

SHEY MONASTERY:-The MONASTERY is located 15 km. South of LEH.It was built by the LADAKH’S king Deldan Namgyal.The Royal kings of LADAKH  used to stay here during summers.This MONASTERY is also famous for it’s GIANT BUDDHA statue. So must visit this place.

HEMIS MONASTERY:-This is one of the largest monasteries in LADAKH Region.This place is a storehouse of knowledge and you will find lots of old things related to Buddhism.The road which leads to HEMIS is also very scenic.So must and enjoy this place .

Apart from these ,there are many another places for visiting which will be you enjoy with your family and friends.

In short LADAKH is an ideal place for spending your vacations away from the hustle and bustle of stressful city life.So must choose this place as your holiday destination in coming vacations and bear the heat with cool and romantic weather.

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