LAS VEGAS is one of the best and famous city in the UNITED STATES, city in NEVADA. L.A is famous for its mega casinos, Hotels, Thrilling rides, Shopping, Spas and legendary Nightlife. There are so much to see and do in VEGAS. So let’s start your tour with some of these famous places like…..

THE STRIP:-THE STRIP is really fun and lots of cool places and also the HEART OF TOURISM industry in the NEVADA CITY. LA. is famous for this street. It is a beautiful stretch of road lined with hotels,world famous casinos where your lady luck will make or break your bank account with table games and many other attractions. Whether you visit during the day or night, this is a place full of people and activity from weddings, singers, dancers, food, shopping and street performers. In short there is nothing any where else like THE STRIP. So must visit this magical place.

BELLAGIO FOUNTAINS:-BELLAGIO FOUNTAINS is one of the best and famous feature of VEGAS. It is located on the BELLAGIO Hotel and casino grounds. The combination of watery,music and lights at the fountain produce some of the most enticing image to human eyes. Each performance from the fountain collection is unique. These fountains are on every night at free of cost. There is also a music box close by where you can listen to the music being played. So must come and enjoy these awesome fountains.

FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE:-This is the another happening street in LAS VEGAS. It is the OLD STRIP and surrounded by older casinos. There are lots of places to eat, gamble, drink, great music from multiple entertainers and the beautifully dressed ladies. Each night a fantastic music and visual show takes place overhead. THE SLOT ZILLA ZIP LINE or ZOOM LINE are the main attractions of this street. So must go and enjoy the VEGAS night life.

STRATOSPHERE TOWER:-This is one of the best place to see in VEGAS. It is a tall structure that has 360 degree views of LAS VEGAS. There is lots to do at STRATOSPHERE. They have rides,restaurant on the top and an arcade etc. There you can see the beautiful views of VEGAS and the surrounding desert and mountains. So it’s a worth going there with your family, couples or single.

HIGH ROLLER:-This is one of the most incredible thing to do in VEGAS. The ROLLER ride moves slow and steady so anyone could go in it. It is a safe, relaxing and just so beautiful. Some of tha pods had a bar in the of it for even more fun. Each pod could hold around 30 peoples took over 30 minutes to complete the ride. And the best time to ride would be near sunset because it looks very beautiful in evening. It is similar to the LONDON EYE and SINGAPORE FLYER. This is a great way to see LAS VEGAS and the SURROUNDING areas.

GANDOLA RIDES AT THE VENETIAN:-This is the best part of VEGAS. At this place you can enjoy a romantic ride on a GANDOLA along the grand canal, in VENICE style. The canals flow throughout the property of the hotel VENETIAN.This is an excellent and romantic way to tour the expansive grounds of VENETIAN.It is also an ideal occasion for a marriage proposal. The gondolier will sing you Italian love songs. So close your eyes and feel that you are in heaven with some one special.

RED ROCK GRAND CANYON:-THE GRAND CANYON is must doy if you get to LAS VEGAS. RED ROCK is about a 1/2hour drive from STRIP. The views are really beautiful even for those not wishing to go so far. Take a Helicopter ride over the city and HOOVER DAM. A 13mile scenic raod twists and turns through the NCA’S desert hills. Rock climbing and Hiking are the biggest draws. This is the best opportunity to see not only VEGAS but the surrounding landscape and one of the AMERICA’S most impressive and famous natural attracions.

THE MOB MUSEUM:-This museum is a great little gem of LAS VEGAS. If you are a history a fan then this is the best place for you. It is a great way to see part of old town LAS VEGAS. This museum is a three floors building and there are lots of interesting things to see and learn about VEGAS. There are also many good restaurants within a few blocks for lunch and dinner after your experience. So visit this place and spend some time here.

VALLEY OF FIRE:-This is another interesting place of VEGAS. This state park is a great way to spend a few hours outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. It is the best place for HIKING and beautiful scenery. There are interesting rock formations, caves, petroglyphs and view that make this place amazing. So if you are a nature lover then must visit this place and spend your full day here.

Other visiting places are….


In short, LAS VEGAS is one of the top tourist destination in the world. It is a great place to visit year round. So plan your trip to VEGAS.

Hope you like it…..THANKS.