MALAYSIA is one of the most famous countries you would find in ASIA because of its uniqueness and different highlighted places. It is situated in the east part of ASIA and has the most exotic locations and places that you could see and find yourself indulged in.MALAYSIA is a beautiful and amazing place and there are many places for visit. I am trying my best for short list these places for you. Hope you like this….

LANGKAWI : The tropical island of LANGKAWI, is one of the most popular destinations within MALAYSIA. This Island recognized as one of the most beautiful island in the world.visit LANGKAWI for wonderful jungle, beautiful beaches and sightseeing. CABLE CAR is the main highlights at this place. A must visit place when visiting LANGKAWI.

PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS: The TWIN TOWERS are very huge and it is best to visit during night time as the lit up view of the towers is amazing. Both of them are very beautiful. This is one of the fantastic piece of architecture. One of them is petronas offices and another one is shopping mall.SO it’s a nice tourist attraction. From expensive shopping brands to nice water dancing fountains. TWIN TOWERS are a must see landmark of MALAYSIA.

ISLAMIC ARTS MUSEUM: This MUSEUM shows Islamic architecture and historical art. This is an amazing place to learn about the different ways Islam is in different countries. The contemporary Islamic calligraphy is both beautiful and fascinating. It’s not a huge museum, but if you adore Islamic architecture, this is must see.

KUALA LUMPUR: KUALA LUMPUR is a busy city of MALAYSIA. KUALA LUMPUR is the CULTURAL, FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC center of MALAYSIA. The Famous Petronas Twin Towers,Bukit Bintang, Aquaria Klcc, Bird Park, National Mosque of MALAYSIA, Batu Caves like many places for visit. This is the best place for shopping. The city is also home to British Colonial Era Landmark such as the KUALA LUMPUR Railway station and The Sultan Abdul Samed Building.

MOUNT KINABALU: MOUNT KINABALU is the highest peak in South East Asia. This is definitely a magical place. MOUNT KINABALU is a”HERITAGE SITE”.Climbing the mountains is not so easy. But Watching the Sunrises in the mrng will definitely make you forget all the hardships you had to endure during the hike up.

TAMAN NEGARA: This is one of the oldest Rain Forest in the world. The most popular activities at TAMAN NEGARE are river cruises and jungle trekking. This is a wonderful place for nature lovers. You can see all kinds of animals here. Its a most amazing place for anyone who is tired of ordinary jungle. In short, If u want to get off the beach and have a theme park experience then come to this place.

BATU CAVES: BATU CAVES are the most visited Hindu site outside of INDIA. There is a lot of history behind this place. There are stairs to go into the caves. There is a huge statue of LORD MURUGAN at the entrance which look very impressive. The caves are cool and Dark. Besides the main MURUGAN TEMPLE there are other small temples too. Its a wonderful place with a deep culture.

NATIONAL MOSQUE: This is the largest Mosque in KUALA LUMPUR.This Mosque is one of the great landmarks and best place in the Islamic history around the world. It is a very peaceful place. This Mosque has a different style of architectur. Its unique in that you don’t need to be a Muslim to visitors and walk around the venue. You are given the respected clothing on the way in so don’t worry about what you are wearing at the time.

There are many other places for visit like Sipadan National Park, Pinangy,Redang Island, Tropical Spice Gardeny,Genting Highlands and Bentong etc.

In short, If some one is looking for an unforgettable holiday in one of the most cherished destinations in world, You should head to MALAYSIA….. Thanks.

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