Welcome To Maldives

Maldives island is an exotic blend of ethnicity and modern values. The climate of this island is very warm and pleasant. Maldives is famous for it’s beautiful scenery and gorgeous sights. Maldives is one of the best HONEYMOON destination. It is basically a Paradise where people can spend long days to just relax and chillout.

Maldives has many different tourist places to visit like…

NATIONAL MUSEUM: This is the best place to visit If u want to know about the history and culture of the MALDIVES. This museum is located near the sultan park, which was the part of SULTAN’S PALACE. There are a lot of old traditional things. In short, simple and quite big building with many interesting things to see. So a visit to this museum is must.

HUKURU MISKIIY: This is also know as OLD FRIDAY MOSQUE. It is the oldest mosque that can be found on the island. The calm and quiet place would be great for people to discover the ISLAMIC culture the Maldivians follow. The height of the tombstone depicts the gender and social status. All the walls in Mosque are built with coral stones and beautifully carved. So its interesting place to visit.

BANANA REEF: BANANA REEF is rich in marine life with magnificent corals around which groper, sharks ,jackfish, blue striped snapper and barracuda can be seen. This is one of the oldest dive sites in MALDIVES to become internationally known. BANANA REEF gets its name from the shape of the island when viewed from above.

VAADHOO ISLAND:This is one of the famous island in MALDIVES. It is also known by the”HEAVEN ON EARTH”.This island has a a lot of surprises that are revealed at night. At night the water look like a mirror, that reflects the sparkling stars above. The species create the most romantic natural lighting in the world.

MALDIVE VICTORY: Its amazing place for water lovers and also for relax and enjoy the isolated, beautiful scene sitting at the beach. You see different types of colourful corals and sea creatures there.

HULHULE ISLAND: This island much spacious as compared to male city. This is planned city. It is still very quite and beautiful place. The island it self near to Male Airport. This is a first man made island. So great place for visit.

MANTA POINT: Manta point is a diving area where you Can enjoy seeing large numbers of Manta rays being fed and cleand by wrasses.This is one of the best experience for divers coming to MALDIVES is to be able to snorkel or scuba dive with manta rays.

FUA MULAKU: This is one of the largest island in Maldives. This is only the one island for producing fruits and vegetables that are not grown anywhere in the country like mangoes, oranges and pineapple’s

Alimatha island: This is also every beautiful spot’s in MALDIVES. It is located on the eastern edge of maldives.other activities that can be enjoyed here include cat sailing or you sit back and enjoy on Ayurvedic massage at the center.

There are many other places like Biyadhoo island Resort, HP reef, Sun and spa island and bluetribe Moofushi etc.

In short Maldivas is a spectular and popular holiday destination from visitors from across the pack your bags and rush to Maldives….. Thanks.

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