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MOSCOW is the capital and most popular city of RUSSIA. MOSCOW is famous for its unique architecture, art, museum and night life scene. Winter is the best season to visit MOSCOW. So visiting MOSCOW wouldn’t be complete without seeing some of these famous sights which makes it popular and these are….

MOSCOW KREMLIN :- KREMLIN is the heart of the capital and most wonderful landmark in Russia. If you spend some time on the history books, you can understand the KREMLIN in a new dimension. This fascinating tourist spot surrounded by the Parliament THE KREMLIN, state historical museum, G. u. M DEPARTMENT STORE, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and Alexander gardens. So must visit this most famous place of MOSCOW to experience the history of Russia.

BOLSHOI THEATER :- BOLSHOI is another famous place of MOSCOW and one of the biggest and most famous theater building in history. It is the highest home of premiere dance and Opera companies in the world. The theater shows around 3-4 different operas and 2-3Ballets every year. Russian Ballet is world famous and is an important part of the Russian culture. So must visit this iconic place of MOSCOW.

RED SQUARE :-RED SQUARE is one of the most biggest and beautiful square in the world. It is the symbol of Russia and it’s history. The square become famous as the site of large scale Military parades and other showcase Soviet strength. It is a truly fascinating place that you’ll want to come back again and again. So don’t miss this opportunity to visit this place.

SAINT BASIL’S CATHEDRAL :- This cathedral is in the Red Square and next to the KREMLIN Palace. The domes of this cathedral are so color full and vibrant which makes this place is absolutely unique and gorgeous. So. Must visit this iconic building of MOSCOW.

GORKY PARK :- This is a beautiful Park in Moscow and also a lovely place with lot’s to do. The place is set up in the western style. Modern cafes, lush green gardens, outdoor cinema and concert, beach, river bank, dancing and up – to – date exhibitions. In winter time GORKY Park hosts one of city’s two largest ice rinks which is open November_March. There is also a fun kids play ground.. So it’s a great place to go with the family.

STATE HISTORICAL MUSEUM :- It is one of the best and eye catching historical building with it’s red color and beautiful art. All the interior, architecture and murals are in a fairy tale style. The museum collects testimonies of past times and through the ages from isolated and prehistoric tribes, through the czars to the present day. In short, this is a best place to visit Russian historical events. So must go and spend some hours there.

GUM :- GUM is a historically a warehouse turned into a high end shopping mall. It is a very decadently style with a lot of designer brands inside. It is situated on Red Square and the first part of it was built in 1812, under ALEXANDER. The architecture in the GUM is absolutely amazing. There are also many cafes and restaurants. So if u are up for high and branded shopping then this mall is the perfect for you.

KUSKOVO ESTATE :- KUSKOVO is a unique cultural artifact of the XVIII century situated in MOSCOW. It is a luxurious summer Palace of Count SHEREMETYEV. It is a magnificent place with a Palace, large Park, ponds and ancient churches. There is also a museum. In the summer it hosts festivals and concerts so must visit this historical and beautiful Place.



In SHORT, MOSCOW is a lively city, full of things to see and places to visit. A tourist in MOSCOW has a lot of choice for everything. So plan your coming vacations for visit the beautiful city MOSCOW.

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