NEPAL is a beautiful place located in the HIMALAYAN COUNTRY. It is bordered by CHINA and INDIA. NEPAL is a best place for mountaineers, rock climbers and adventure lovers. So let’s began your journey of this beautiful place with some of these famous points….

BOUDHANATHBOUDHANATH:-This is one of the most famous tourist attracion in NEPAL. This temple is situated 7 km.east of KATHMANDU. BOUDHANATH is a magnificent STUPA that attracts a large numbers of visitors from all over the world. It is a perfect place to medicate yourself. You can walk around the STUPA and also sit there and relax. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site. So must visit the LANDMRK of NEPAL.



PASHUPATINATH TEMPLEPASHUPATINATH TEMPLE:-This Hindu temple is dedicated to LORD SHIVA. It is located in the bank of HOLY BAGMATI river. Lord SHIVA is known by many different names and PASHUPATI is one of them. It is the temple that have been restricted to non-Hindu tourists. They are not allowed to enter inside the gate but can only watch the temple from the gate. There is an Aarti on the ghats backside of the temple facing the river and back of the temple. You can view all that from the bridge. So must visit this divine temple.



SwayambhunathSWAYAMBHUNATH:-This temple is also known as MONKEY TEMPLE. The temple is up the high hill and there are lots of monkeys. This temple offers you the spectacular views of the entire KATHMANDU. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to climb up the temple. There is a statue of BUDDHA inside a water body where people throw coins aiming at the feet of BUDDHA. So go there and try your luck.




PHEWA LAKEPHEWA LAKE:-This lake is freshwater lake lies in famous city of NEPAL and one of second largest lake of NEPAL. It is located in the south of the POKHARA VALLEY. Splendid boating and fishing opportunities can be had here. There are many hotels, restaurants and handicrafts shops. This is the famous hangout place for tourists. So come and enjoy this lake.




Durbar-SquareDURBAR SQUARE:-This is a great place to visit in the HEART OF KATHMANDU. It is full of unique arts and architectur. The DURBAR is divided into two courtyards,the outer comprising Kasthamandap, Kumari Ghar and Shiv- Parvati temple. And the inner consisting of Hanuman Dhoka and the main places. So don’t miss this place if you are in KATHMANDU.



MOUNT EVERESTMOUNT EVEREST:-This is the tallest mountain in the world and one of the main highlights of NEPAL. You can see it either by trekking in Solu Khumbu region or by taking a HIMALAYAN mountain flight from KATHMANDU. A visit to NEPAL is incomplete without at least a view of the magnificent mountain. So must visit this EVEREST.




thamelTHAMEL:-THAMEL is a famous tourist district in the capital city of KATHMANDU. This place is filled with tour agents, trekking guides, stores, clothing, restaurants, cafes and bars. The narrow and bustling streets of THAMEL offers a lot of selection for shoppers and diners. So go and enjoy this place.




POKHARA VALLEYPOKHARA VALLEY:-This is one of the most beautiful and second largest valley in NEPAL. It is overshadowed by a massive wall of the HIMALAYAS and dominated by the towering peak of the ANNAPURNA range. It is situated 200 km.west of KATHMANDU. This is the best place for adventure like water rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, motor cyclesu,microlight flights or boating on the lake. And after the end of a hard trek its a great place to come and relax here. So must visit this attractive place.



Other visiting places are…







In short, NEPAL is one of the best holiday destination. So pack up your bags, load your camera and get ready for experience the beautiful place…. NEPAL.

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