WELCOME TO THE ANOTHER HOLY PLACE OF INDIA… PURI PURI is a city and a municipality in the state of ODISHA. This is one of the most famousa destinations of eastern INDIA. Many devotees come to visit this place at the festival of RATH YATRA,every year. The ‘abode of LORD JAGANNATH. PURI is one of


WELCOME TO THE BEST PLACE FOR RELAXING… PALAMPUR PALAMPUR is a famous and beautiful hill station in KANGRA VALLEY. This majestic place is surrounded by tea gardens and pine forests. Behind this town stands high ranges of DHAULADHAR mountains, whose tops remain snow covered for most part of the year. There are many places to


WELCOME TO THE MOST ROMANTIC PLACE PARIS…. PARIS is the capital of FRANCE and one of the most beautiful and romantic place in the world. PARIS is also famous as the CITY OF LIGHTS. Now PARIS is the world’s leading hub for business, fashion, entertainment, art and culture. So let’s start the journey of the


WELCOME TO THE SEXY AND AMAZING PLACE LEH LADAKH…. LADAKH is one of the most beautiful and fascinating tourist destinations of INDIA and bounded by two of the mightiest mountain ranges the GREAT HIMALAYA and KARAKORAM. It is both popular summer as well as winter holidays. This is the best place for adventure like trekking,


WELCOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF SOUTH ASIA…. NEPAL NEPAL is a beautiful place located in the HIMALAYAN COUNTRY. It is bordered by CHINA and INDIA. NEPAL is a best place for mountaineers, rock climbers and adventure lovers. So let’s began your journey of this beautiful place with some of these famous points…. BOUDHANATH:-This is


WELCOME TO KANYAKUMARI…. KANYAKUMARI is the southernmost tip of INDIA’S mainland and located in TAMIL NADU. It is one of the most famous tourist destination in India. The beaches of this place is famous for its moonrise and sunset.It has been one of major centers of arts, culture and religion since the ancient times. So


WELCOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL CITY SHILLONG…. SHILLONG is the capital of MEGHALAYA and one of the most famous hill station of INDIA. This place is also known as SCOTLAND OF THE EAST and as THE ABODE OF CLOUDS. SHILLONG peak is the best place for the beautiful scenic and breathtaking views of the city. So


WELCOME TO THE FAMOUS CITY OF CHINA MACAU…. MACAU is located on the southeastern coast of CHINA, across the PEARL RIVER DELTA from HONG KONG. It is famous for the blend of Portuguese and CHINESE cultures. MACAU is also known as the LAS VEGAS OF THE EAST becoz of its giant casinos, malls and the


WELCOME TO THE ANOTHER ROMANTIC PLACE MAHABALESHWAR…. MAHABALESHWAR is one of the most romantic and beautiful in the WESTERN GHATS of INDIA. It is also a wonderful HONEYMOON destination. Every year many people come to visit this place.This is a convenient place to visit and it attracts crowd from all cities in India. So let’s


Welcome To Coimbatore The third largest city of the state, Coimbatore, the headquarters of a district of the same name, is one of the most industrialised cities in Tamil Nadu. Known as the textile capital of South India or the Manchester of the South, the city is situated on the banks of the river Noyyal.