SYDNEY is the Capital of NEW SOUTH WALES and one of the AUSTRALIA’S largest cities. SYDNEY is also known as the HARBOR city. The city is so large and full of things to do that there are a wide range of so must see locations and sights. SYDNEY is famous for its blue mountains, buildings, parks, beaches, gardens etc and also for SYDNEY OPERA House and HARBOR BRIDGE. SYDNEY is also a gateway to AUSTRALIA for many international visitors. Many visitors come to visit this place every year. So let’s start your trip with some of these famous points…

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE :-SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE is located in the bay of SYDNEY HARBOR designed by DANISH ARCHITECT JORN UT Serve as a multi venue performing arts center in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. In addition to the 1500-seats opera house, the center features a concert hall and three other theaters as well as multiple bars and restaurants. This WORLD HERITAGE building is AUSTRALIA’S most famous landmark. It’s unique use of a series of gleaming white sail shaped shells as its roof structure make it one of the most photographed buildings in the world. So don’t miss this place.

SYDNEY HARBOR BRIDGE :-It is the another beautiful icon of Sydney and also the major focal point of the city of Sydney.It was built in 1932 and remains the world’s largest steel arch bridge,connecting the Harbor’s north and south shores in a single curve rising 134 m above the water.This iconic bridge is both the main method of crossing the Barbour and a travel. You”ll see it most often during New Year’s eve where it is the site of one of the most amazing fire 🔥 works celebration in the world.So must visit one of the world’s most amazing and man made structures, SYDNEY HARBOR BRIDGE.

THE ROCKS:-This is the oldest area of Sydney and also one of the most visited place.TH ROCK is the foundation place of SYDNEY and AUSTRALIA and of enormous historical significance.It is often described as SYDNEY OUTDOORS MUSEUM.Now the old district has been transformed into an area of vibrant cafes and restaurants along with interesting tourist shops and stalls.There is so much to see and do here as well as enjoy some great food and drinks.So don’t skip this place.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS:-This place is located just behind the OPERA HOUSE.It is a big green area in the very heart 💓 of the city.There is so much to see and do in the gardens..These gardens are jammed packed with rare and exotic plants and flowers.The WOLLEMI PINE is one of the most protected and endangered of the trees 🌲 found here in the gardens.You “ll see the plenty of native birds 🐦 and bats too.So it is a great place to learn about the plants or to just can even have a picnic on one of the many lawns.

BONDI BEACH:-SYDNEY has many beaches but this beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world.It is located in the eastern suburbs south of SYDNEY.It is synonymous with sand,sea,surf and sun ⛅.The waves of the beach is so strong and beautiful. The landscape and the coast line is just so perfect for the whole can also enjoy the plenty of cafes, restaurants and hotels at this beach.So go and enjoy your lazy lame there with your specials.

QUEEN VICTORIA BUILDING:- THIS building was named after the ruling MONARCH, QUEEN VICTORIA OF GREAT BRITAIN.It is a majestic structure, capped with copper domes.This splendid building was built in 1890’s , and has over 180 of Sydney’s finest fashion boutiques and some delightful cafés and restaurants.Inside the building there are two mechanical clocks.Each one featuring dioramas and moving figures from moments in Australian History.So this is the place where you can spend a lot of time as there is always something new here.

TARRAGON PARK ZOO:- This Zoo is one of the major tourist attractions in SYDNEY. The best way to get there is by ferry from circular quay. TARRAGON Zoo is home to over 4000 animals, including Australian native wildlife,as well as rare and endangered exotic animals. Highlights include the Lemur adventure Park,Kola encounter and seal show. The Zoo’s lively events calendar includes ROAR AND SNORE overnight zoo stays a summer concert series.So must visit this park.

SYDNEY TOWER :- This Tower is one of the most famous attraction of SYDNEY.This tower is stands on 309 m high and there is a really fast lift that takes up to high within just 40 seconds. This tower is a part of the great scenery of Skyscrapers Of Sydney.You can enjoy the sky-walk at this place and also enjoy the cafe and souvenir shop at the top as well.So must visit the Landmark of SYDNEY.

DARLING HARBOR:-DARLING HARBOR is one of the many bays of port JACKSON.In 1988 the area has been Totally modernized with a big walking area full of restaurants, cafes, shops, museums and a Very big children playground and many other atty like National Maritime Museum,star 🌟 city casino, the Aquarium etc.when walking to the HARBOR from the city center u will walk through parts of Chinatown..So this is a definite must see if in SYDNEY for the CHRISTMAS.







So plan your trip to SYDNEY in coming vactions with ur family friends and of course someone 💓 special.

And hope so that u like my just a little information about this place .Hope u enjoy ur trip to SYDNEY .

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