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THAILAND is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Thailand is a cheap country to visit. THAILAND is one of those unique places in that has been gifited with amazing views,tourist attractions, mountains, beaches and sightseeing. So if you plan to visit this wonderful country, there are some locations that u absolutely can’t miss and they are:

THE GRAND PALACE: This is one of the highlights during a trip to BANGKOK. It is a fantastic place to see. The halls and pavilions are magnificent. The boat trip down the CHAO PHRAYA RIVER to get there and back makes for a nice outing. But be prepared to wear long trousers or long skirts and t-shirts becoz shorts, tops, mini skirts etc are seen as disrespectful and you will have to borrow clothes from the front of the gate. THAILAND applied art, magnificent and majestic. So must not miss this place if you are in THAILAND.

WAT PHRA KAEW: This is one of the most famous temple of THAILAND. The EMERALD BUDDHA sits in the complex off the GRAND PALACE. The beauty of the architectur is totally breathtaking. This temple is located in the grounds of the ROYAL PALAC. It is a land mark that is truly beautiful. The EMERALD BUDDHA is actually made of jade but looks awesome. So go ahead and see this temple.

WALKING STREET PATTAYA:This is the red-light area in the city of PATTAYA. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners or tourists for the night life. A sinfull street fully of bars, live music,pretty gals and tourist from all over the world. Walking street is a very mild version ofLASVEGAS. But you should go there with your frnds not with family or children.

RAILAY BEACH:This beach is one of the best beaches in THAILAND. A lovely Beach and it offers spectacular views of lime stone cliffs. The color and nature of sea water changes at least four times a day. The atmosphere is cool,quite and chill. There are many beach resorts and cafe on this island. It offers great range of activities. Its a lovely place to swim. In short, one of the most stunning beach.

NAI HARN BEACH: This beach is perfect, calm and so romantic. Its a small and very nice beach in PHUKET.Clean water,Clean beach and nice views or good adventure to get if u enjoy riding a mother bike. So if u are looking for beautiful white sand, Gorgeous water and perfect mix of calm and waves then this beach is for you.

PHRA NANG BEACH:This beach is the most beautiful in southern THAILAND. This beach is quiet and so beautiful. This is the best place for relax and watch sunrise or sunset. Scenery is spectacular with caves and ocean. There is one cave with lots of sculpture-the main attraction. Good for family and romantic outing. So must visit this beach.

SAFARI WORLD: THAILAND’S safari world is a variety of entertainment for everyone. This is the only place where you will get to see dedicated shows of different animals like Elephants, sea lions, Dolphins ,monkeys and many more. You even get to feed Giraffes and sea adorable .Over all its a nice place for visiting. Speacilly for kids


So if you have been thinking about a vacation destination then THAILAND is one place you will surely want to consider…… Thanks for spending your precious time on this site.

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