VENICE is one of the most Romantic, Lovely and mysterious places in the world. This is the best place for work play or visit. VENICE is a city unlike other. This city is founded in the 5th century and spread over 118 small islands. Their are many place to visit like…

GRAND CANAL:- This is like the main roadway of VENICE. The boats are always crowded. This is the canal in VENICE. GANDOLA is the main transport in VENICE. The ride would also be able to let you see More of buildings structure and they transport the goods etc. So its a great visit and enjoy it.This is the heart of city.

BASILICA DI SAN MARCO:- The BASILICA is gorgeous and must see attraction. It is one of the most famousas church in the city. It is the best sample of BYZANTINE and ROMANIC architectural streams. The amazing interior is stunning. It is very beautiful from outside. The mosaics and flooring are well preserved. The Dome is also mosaic and pretty. It is a landmark of the city. So must see this place.

DOGE’S PALACE:- This is such a beautiful and iconic place to visit in VENICE. The palace was the residence of the DOGE OF VENICE, the supreme authority of the former Republic of VENICE. The artwork in the palace is very beautiful. The architectur is simply breath taking along with all the palaces treasures. It’s a truly magnificent building and a must visit for everyone on their first visit to VENICE.

PIAZZA SAN MARCO:- This place is the heart of city. It is also known by the ST.MARKS SQUARE. It is one of those places you need to go. The best time to visit is at night. You really get the feel of Romance when all the lite up There are lots of pigeons because people keep feeding them. So its a best place for hangout with friends.

ST.MARY OF THE FRIARS:- This is one of the oldest churches in VENICE and one of the biggest. It is also known as I FRARI. With beautiful artwork make this Church worth a visit. The building is filled with beautiful paintings, sculpture and amazing architecture. Paintings by TITIAN andBELLINI can be seen here. The space and light is wonderful and there ever you turn. So its a great experience for art lovers and special place for believers.

LA FENICE OPERA HOUSE:-  Teatro LA FENICE is an opera house in VENICE. This is one of the famous landmarks in the history of ITALY. This must be the most beautiful opera house in the world. This theater is a mirror of the wonderful culture and history of the most romantic and mysterious city in world. Its also reflecs how much the Italian people wants to preserve their deep sense of beauty and architectur.

There are other places to visit like:- Rialto Bridge, Murano, Lido di Venezia, Bridge of sighs, Ca’Rezzonico, Caffe Florian, Plazzo Grassi and many more.

In shot, VENICE is a very beautiful and romantic place words alone will never convey the beauty of this city. This is truly a unique destination for world travelers.Hope you like this article…. Thanks.

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